To Infinity And Beyond!

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Everyday is a good day to be alive.


"Don’t date your coworkers" as Ian warned others, of course, with a big smile. After a couple of months working with Ian, he took me out for the very first time. We went to Buckhorn, a steak house in Winters CA. I loved it so much I asked him to take me again. Even though each dish was about…

ah-hah! I FOUND IT.


Why I stay here I don’t know.
We still wear the same old shirt.
It’s the same one, the same damn shirt.

I hate being down here.
Fat whiff of memories, it’s everywhere.

I forget everything, until I smell that smell.
Walking down that hallway,
Walking down the isle,
Walking through those double doors,
Walking pass the pins,
they only bring flashbacks.

The feelings I had will always come and go
But the memories will always stay.

I’m still here.
I don’t want to forget that smell.

I forgot what that smell smells like. Where can I find it?